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Kitchen splashbacks are commonly fabricated from coloured glass. This will usually mean measuring and templating on site and several days for manufacture whilst the product is toughened. Any problems with size or socket location? Its a throwaway and start again - you cant modify or reshape toughened glass.

Vistelle solves this problem. It can be cut and worked on site therefore radically reducing the time it takes to complete your project. Its unique hard coated surface means it is more resistant to scratching than traditional glass and is easy to clean and hygienic.

Blue Atoll Kitchen Spashback

The award winning Vistelle Panel brings life to shower walls & kitchen splashbacks

Vistelle® is an advanced multi-layer acrylic sheet that looks just like glass. Applications include shower walls, bathrooms and kitchens.

Weighing less than a quarter of a traditional glass sheet, Vistelle has 20 times the impact strength.

The colour is permanently fused to the clear layer and it is highly resistant to harsh chemicals, like bleaches and solvents, because of its unique hard coated surface.


  • Vistelle has a mirror reflection high gloss finish

  • Installs 3 – 6 x faster than tiles

  • Fits straight over new or existing wall finishes, including tiles

  • Can be cut and drilled with normal power tools (circular saws, jigsaws, electric planer etc.)

  • High scratch resistance and easy to clean due to durable hard coating

  • 25 x the impact strength of glass, yet only half the weight

  • Economical shipping, storage and installation

  • Impervious to moisture, and large, hygienic panel sizes eliminate the need for grout

Vistelle Kitchen Glacier


Mocha Vistelle Kitchen Spashback

A high performance hard coat on the outer surface provides high scratch and chemical resistance, and affords effortless cleaning.

Vistelle will not scratch, crack, warp, stain or discolour from normal residential use.

Please note – Vistelle cannot be used behind gas cooker tops, and must be a minimum of 50mm away from ceramic, electric or induction cooker tops.

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