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  • Can I cut the Vistelle panel to size?
    Absolutely! It can be cut down and worked using general power tools. It can also be cut for plug sockets, shower valves etc. Download the fitting instructions from here for further details and helpful advice.
  • Can I use Vistelle behind my kitchen hob?
    Yes, it can be installed behind an electric, ceramic or induction hob however we advise that a distance of at least 50mm is required between the hob and the Vistelle panel. Also additional protection is recommended directly behind hobs to avoid damage to the panels caused by direct contact with hot pans; We recommend the use of our aluminum or colour matched glass hob protector (available in our web store). Please note: Vistelle is NOT suitable for installation behind a gas hob.
  • Can I install the product over my existing tiles?
    Yes! Just ensure that the surface is as flat as possible and free of any dust or debris.
  • Can I bend the panel to create a curve?
    No. The product needs to be installed on a flat substrate.
  • My coverage area is larger than the panels shown on your website; do you manufacture wider / taller panels?
    Unfortunately we only manufacture the panels in the sizes indicated, however you can install multiple panels next to one another; See the fitting instructions for further information.​
  • How does Vistelle compare against glass for wear?
    Vistelle is a unique patented product that has 20x the impact resistance of standard glass and has a hardness of 6H making it a perfect choice for scratch and wear resistance. Click here for a Vistelle vs Glass comparison
  • Can I use coloured silicone when installing Vistelle?
    Yes, but it must be neutral cure. Check out our web store for colour matched neutral cure silicone options.
  • Does the wall have to be painted prior to installing Vistelle panel?
    Yes, walls should be sealed or painted otherwise the silicone or tape may not adhere sufficiently.
  • Can Vistelle be installed externally?
    No, Vistelle is for internal applications only.
  • Are expansion gaps required when installing Vistelle?
    Yes, a minimum of 4mm expansion gap is required when Vistelle panels are joined and where panels meet a bench top, cupboard, wall or other solid surface.
  • Should Vistelle be installed on horizontal surfaces?
    No, Vistelle is designed for vertical applications only. Warranty is void if installed in horizontal applications.
  • How is best to clean Vistelle?
    Use warm soapy water and a soft microfibre cloth.
  • When do I removed Vistelle's protective film?
    On kitchen and bath panels, remove the rear film just prior to applying the silicone and tape. For all panels, remove the protective film on the face (clear) side once the installation is complete, not beforehand.
  • Can the Vistelle glass cooktop splashback be drilled or cut?
  • Can I remove a scratch from Vistelle?
    Vistelle panels feature a hard coating on the surface, which make them harder to scratch. If these panels are scratched however, repair is generally not possible.
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